Sunday, November 24, 2013

Catching up

Good Evening! Today was the first snow of the season and has just made my day.  So I thought I would catch everyone up on what has been going on in my life.  I am currently just shy of 16 weeks pregnant with our little baby Winnie.  I'm saying she when I talk about her because the power of suggestion is big! So in case your wondering now we do not know the sex and nor do we want to find out until our little Winnie is born! She started moving and barely kicking just recently! I was super surprised that I could feel her so well... but its such a magical feeling that I've missed since Kyle.  

During these past few months there has been a lot of scares, tears, and relief!  A couples weeks ago my doctor said that I have Placenta Previa.  But she said that I shouldn't worry about it because it would probably move.  90% of all cases the placenta moves.  But with my luck I assumed that mine would not.  But thankfully with lots of prayers from family and friends it has moved!  

A few days ago I went to the hospital with cramps.  I've never had such painful cramps before especially when I was pregnant with Kyle.  I had just got done cleaning the whole house like a mad woman and realized that I had done way too much.  So thinking about my placenta previa and having these painful cramps I rushed to the ER.  I was so terrified.  The last thing I want to hear is that something is wrong with the baby or myself.  Although the Doctors and nurses were in really bad moods and didn't really help much I did manage to get the news that my placenta had moved off my cervix and everyone could finally sigh a sigh of relief! 

Thankfully that has been the worst that has happened and it turned out to be just fine.  Glory to God.  I never want to go through something like that again.  I love my babies to much.  

Kyle is now 18 months old! Can you believe it! He is starting to say words and is trying to ride a tricycle. He runs and explores his surroundings and has begun collecting rocks.  He's super smart and signs to use when he wants something, he loves snuggles with his Mama, and kisses my tummy to say hi to his little sibling.  His hair curls and is still sandy blonde, he has brown eyes, and the sweetest smile.  He LOVES Christmas lights and loves the chasing game!

Christmas this year is soooo exciting! We've been collecting presents all year for friends and family and we finally get to wrap them and eventually give everyone their presents!  i haven't been this excited for the holidays in a few years! Having little kids and my family all in one place makes the holidays that much more enjoyable and exciting!  We'll be going to Tucson for New years for a few days as well! I do miss my extended family quite a bit! I just have an amazing family on both sides.  

For Thanksgiving Joel, Kyle, and I will having our own meal and then we'll be celebrating with our family the following weekend! Which should be interesting! lol Well now that we're all caught up I must bid you ado! It's nice to get it all out!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happy October

Well SURPRISE! We're expecting baby #2!  His/Her womb name is Winny.  Which we found amusing because Kyle's favorite character is Winnie the Pooh! I am 8 weeks along and things have no been easy.  These symptoms have been worse then what I had with Kyle.  Morning sickness, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and my nose has been the worst!  Everything it smells just makes me sick! The one thing I've noticed that I've been okay eating is meat, salads, and potatoes! Thankfully I have an amazing husband who has been helping me with almost everything.

Now that everyone knows about the baby on the way it's so much easier talking to people! lol I can't keep secrets for that long!  Especially ones that are this good and making me feel so sick!

Halloween is coming!  I've been brainstorming about what to dress everyone up as what how to decorate our apartment!  I've decided that I'm going to do everything homemade! =)  

Costumes are going to be a Winnie the Pooh theme.  I'll be Kanga with lil' Roo still cookin, Joel will be Pooh, and Kyle with be a Honey Pot.  Here are a few ideas I got off of my Facebook and Pinterest:
This will be our front door!
Something fun with Milk Cartons
Ooooh Spiders
If you have any other ideas please let me know!  I enjoy crafting! Happy October!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Purple Nails & Mommy Tales!

Happy Family
I can now say that things are starting to fall into place.  It's like you have to go through a huge emotional storm just to see the clearing ahead!  I've been learning a lot more about myself and about my family and about life and I'm starting to see what's important and what isn't.  I am so lucky to have friends and family that are there for me.  So thanks =)

I've been in a nesting mood lately.  I looked at out living/dining room and decided to move a few things around tonight!  Things look so much nicer and more spacious! I love the feeling I get after I clean something!  It's a peaceful proud feeling! 
Such a sleepy baby
Kyle is doing really great!  He is just about 16 months now and he is trying to talk to us.  He can sometimes spit a word out but then doesn't say it again.  But today he was doing the Sign for "Love" which is how we tell him we love him.  He was trying to say the words today with the sign and he would look at us and giggle!  O boy this kid is the cutest thing I have ever seen!  
Me and my Babies
I painted my nails today! I haven't done that in what feels like years!  It's a purple color and I felt like it was perfect for the upcoming holidays! The weather here is starting to get colder and colder so its time to get the long sleeves and sweaters out! I love the cold weather!  Layering clothes is such a Me thing!

 I also started crafting a bunch! I almost finished Kyle's toy chest!  It used to be a dusty old wicker chest that had a real moldy smell to it... so I tore it a part... Joel helped me reinforce the frame and I did a lot of hot gluing and nailing!  All it needs is to have the rest of the brackets and things screwed in and I'm done!  It took a lot of work but it turned out great!  And so cute! 
Inside the chest!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Praying for the world

 Well the past few weeks have been fun and a bit rough.  The fun parts are easy to talk about!  Joel and I celebrated our 3 year Anniversary and Joel's 30th Birthday!  We went down to Tucson to visit Joel's family!  It was a nice time!
Before the couch!
We went thrift shopping and came home with a very comfy couch for 30 dollars and some sheets and pillow cases for only 6 dollars total.  So it was a good day!

 For the past few days I've been going through this overwhelming emotion called sorrow.  It hit me all in one huge blow that.  It was like the outlook on our world and the the society that we call normal and okay... looking at how we can treat another human been in such a harsh way at times.  That Peace and Love are those mythical feeling/ emotions that almost seem impossible to achieve.  

If you don't know by now I am a Christian and I'm not ashamed by that at all.  I would never force my beliefs on anyone else but I believe that everyone no matter where you come from should always be seeking truth.  Seeking honesty.  But the one thing one should always carry is "Honest Doubt" a wise priest once told me that Honest Doubt is when you are seeking for answers but with an open heart.  Otherwise you could be standing right in front of the answers but be too think minded to try to understand and absorb it.

It's just hard seeing so much addiction in the world.  I assure you that I am no better but am saying this because I know what its like to have secrets but can feel too ashamed to talk about it.  I hear about friends, family, celebrities... overdosing on drugs, alcohol... And I just feel so compelled to help but for some reason I can't.  I try to make a difference... but it just doesn't work.  I'd just hate to hear someone close to me passed or was hurt and I didn't help.
 But I guess that's a lot of pressure to put on myself.  Joel finally knocked some sense into me and I calmed down.  He said the only thing we can do is Pray for those who need it.  =/ 
 But throughout these times of confusion I am so happy to have these boys in my life.  I know there is good in the world when I look at them... when I sign on my Facebook even and see all my friends and all the great things they achieved and things that they have succeeded at... it brings a smile to my face! 

Pinnical  Peak

 On a better note isn't this kid the cutest thing or what!?!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Staying busy!

I feel like the more independence we get the busier life becomes!  I've been doing so much at once that I forget to pause and reflect on it!  

I've been making a dress out of a old skirt I got from a thrift store!  So far I have a skirt liner made from a round ivory tablecloth with lace!  It's so pretty!  Next I need to make the top... I'm still trying to figure that part out.  I'm also making a small doormat for our front door I hate getting the carpet dirty here... so I have that all prepped I just need to put it all together!  Then I have a painting to get started on.  I have it all sketched out... Just need to get into the painting mode!
art snacks products
I also measured myself today.  I was shocked to find out that I've lost a couple inches everywhere!  Everywhere except my chest I've lost at least 1/2 inch to an inch!  And my waist I lost 2 inches!!!  It's amazing!  I've been focusing on staying positive, eating healthy, finding creative ways to exercise and its working!!!!  I'm feeling great!  
Feeling good
Kyle is learning how to climb in and out of boxes.  We got this box from costco and I've decided to make it into some kind of car or airplane!  My brain has been brainstorming all day today about it!  

Oh yesterday Joel and I stayed up til 1am watching the meteor shower!  It was so amazing! I've never seen one before!  We saw so many shooting stars!  It was a nice mini date with me sweet love.  


Sunday, August 11, 2013


Well sorry it has been so long... we finally got our internet up and running so things are starting to fall into place!  Some updates:

My little baby boy is over 1 year old now!!! Can you believe it! I cannot! He seems to surprise me more and more everyday.  He knows baby sign language quite good actually!  Good manners.  He does get frustrated very easily.. my goodness! He loves bath time... he can say MOM the whole word now! He calls me all the time now.. it's cute.  

Being getting my craft on lately... I made my bestie's Christmas present and sketched some to get ready for a new painting I'm super excited about... Painted a hat/key hanger... and in the makings of making a hopefully unique and adorable dress! 

Joel and I have been eating healthier and exercising lately.  So far I've lost about 10 pounds! I had to stop for a little bit because I twisted my knee... ug did not feel good!  

Life has definitely gotten brighter being here in Payson.  People are nicer, places are closer, smiling seems more natural here.  
Joel and I are currently living in our own place! We just love the place we are.  We're upstairs... our balcony view is just beautiful... we actually have A/C and our kitchen is perfect! It's nice to be on our own again.  I just love having the feeling of being your own person, supporting yourself, and being a family in our Home.

Our Apartment:
Kyles Room
Crib and All
Growth Chart and rocker
We bought our first washer and Dryer!!!
Dinning Area, Crafty corner, and play pen
Our bedroom!
Kitchen (Sorry for the mess)
my art up
A couchless living room
Our anniversary is coming up! 3 years in the making! WhooHoo!  I want to bake a cake!  Mainly because we never got our one year Anniversary Cake... the cake place we bought it from went out of business... =/ so we never got one.. so I hope I can make one as good so we can finally have our cake! Yum!  We are also going to Tucson! I do miss Joel's family very much.  I was so used to seeing them before that now I missed them so much.

Oh by the way Kyle is walking!!! 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Sick Day

Well the good news is I got my stress and anxiety out of the way... the bad news is... I think I'm sick with some kind of Virus or Flu.  Since yesterday I've been feeling nauseous and throwing up... still hardly eating anything.  I had a bad headache all day.  I have body aches and chills.. I don't have a fever yet but I can feel my body working up to one.  Bleh.  Worst timing ever! Not only do we have to move soon... Joel is working over night the next few days... AND I might miss the birth of my little nephew! 

Hopefully this goes by fast.  Last time I had a virus my urgent care doctor was pretty sure I had a strand of H1N1 Virus.  I was sick for about a month.  I had fevers all the time, body aches and chills, throwing up, dizziness, headaches, neckaches, sleepiness... I felt so terrible even walking to the bathroom.  Thankfully I've been virus/flu free for about 3 years now.  Well until now.

I just hope Kyle doesn't get sick.  I'm being extra careful around him.  

I am excited about Father's Day! I got Joel some awesome gifts that I hope he likes!  Kyle even picked out a card for him!  Oh and Kyle is taking more steps!  Today he was taking steps back and forth between Joel and I.  I love that kid! 
 Kyle playing in the Laundry basket!
He loves helping Mama!